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Easy Hiring guarantees to find a candidate for your job within 24 hours and charges only 1-5% fee of the candidates annual salary after successful hiring

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Can hiring be easy?

Yes and that’s the way we are doing this

Hiring Request


Request Processing

We pre-process and evaluate your request, preparing questions for further details

Requirements Clarification

We make an appointment or a call so your personal manager can find out the requirements


Candidates Search

Using our custom-built recruitment software, we start the search based on your requirements

Matching and Screening

We check all the candidates both for the authenticity of their CV and for compliance with the job requirements


List of eligible candidates

We form a list of the most suitable candidates in and send it to you for further processing


We are in touch until a right candidate is hired, if you have not found a candidate from the list, we are ready to rematch



Why us?

Easy Hiring is based on years of human experience and latest technologies approach

One click from closing your vacancy 2 times faster and cheaper

Leave your request now and we will start looking for the perfect candidate for your vacancy right now

Hiring cost optimisation model

One of the main tasks in the market - for both small and large companies - is to close a candidate search request as soon as possible. We have not only optimized th candidates search time, but also set the optimal hiring cost

Easy Hiring
Pay per contact
Pay per post
Funnels  (on average)
Up to 20 quality application
Up to 80
Up to 80
Up to 80
Pay for the gained results
Pay for the future results
Pay for the future results
Pay for the future results
Average Price*
from 975$
CV screening
Candidate matching
Skill tests
*Price calculated based on nurse annual salary 97500$ (New York)

What you get?

Our primary focus is to give you the best service ever possible

Get the perfect candidate for the best price on the market within 24 hours

Our managers are already ready to process your request and start searching for a candidate who will perfectly match your request

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Easy Hiring

We have been working in the recruitment industry for more than 10 years and during this time our team have created several products that have helped close more than 100,000 vacancies.

Pay less to get more.

Industries we work with

Our approach allows us to successfully close requests from various categories

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